About Kettlebell Norway

Kettlebell Norway is a website started by eager enthusiasts in fitness and health in Norway. We are concerned with functional and effective training, that training should be fun, and that you must stay fit and healthy. Kettlebells is one of the tools we choose to achieve this.

The intention of the site is to gather information and present knowledge to the Norwegian people. We will also do interviews with people who uses kettlebells in one way or another, to show what kind of people who benefits and enjoys this kind of training.

We also have several articles translated to English, so that more people around the world can join the Norwegian kettlebell enthusiasm!

All this we hope can contribute to make YOUR training more exciting and effective, and that you can find motivation and inspiration to push your limits. For that’s exactly what this training is all about – to push the limits. Challenge yourself and your limitations, slow down the aging’s degenerative effect on the body, and live a better life!

Kettlebells ved sjøen

Kettlebells ved sjøen

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