Kettlebell article in iForm!

Latest edition of the magazine iForm (‘In Shape’) came by mail yesterday (no 3/2011), and to our joyful surprise, kettlebells are presented in an article over five pages, with a program for beginners! Kettlebells are hot, no doubt about it!

Kettlebell iForm 3/2011 forside

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The introduction reads:
‘Training with kettlebells are one of the hottest fitness trends right now, with good reason. The Russian weights, which looks like cannonballs with handles, makes it possible to train strength and endurance at the same time. Only 20 minutes of effort gives unbeatable fat burning. We show you how to get started.’

This is what the article promises about kettlebell training:
- Faster results in less time
- Higher metabolism
- Get strong faster
- Maximum effect with lighter weights

Kettlebell iForm 3/2011

© iForm - Bonnier Publications

The article presents a program with six exercises, with great pictures and text explaining each exercise. The text may be a little bit difficult to understand if you’re totally new to this, but it is also advised that if this is the first time you train with kettlebells, it is a good idea to get some guidance.
The program is designed as a sequence, passing through all of the exercises with one repetition of each exercise, and a total of 10 sequences before a pause. You then continue with as many sequence sets you can manage in 20 minutes.

We have also earlier seen a nice presentation of kettlebells in iForm, in number 18/2008. Back then it was ballet- and kettlebell-queen Michelle Khai-Cronin who was presented over six pages. But the exercises that time was shown using only a four kilos kettlebell, and the program had a slightly different focus than what we’re used to, probably because of Michelle’s dance background.

In this issue of iForm it is not recommended to start with less than 8 kilos kettlebell (for women), and the exercises are more familiar basic exercises such as swing, high pull, clean, etc. This is a relatively easy-to-do start program that we know will give results and build up basic skills. If you are a man, you can start with a 12 kilos kettlebell.
For a complete beginner we would maybe recommend doing every exercise isolated at first, to build up confidence before putting the exercises together in a sequence.

We have to say that this is awesome for spreading the interest for kettlebell training. The magazine addresses mainly female readers, but about 30% of the readers are men. iForm is published in all Nordic countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland (in Finland the magazine is called Kunto Plus). So give iForm your support and buy the magazine! Give it to someone who is interested if you don’t want to keep it yourself :-)

You can also find iForm online:

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