Soon 100 gyms in Oslo?

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten Aften had an article yesterday reporting that there are now 81 commercial gyms in Oslo (population 600.000), and the amount is expected to raise to maybe 100 this year. There is a price war on the training market, there will be more cheap gym chains, and they compete with creative offers to get their clients.

© Monica Strømdahl

© Monica Strømdahl

Paal Hansen, CEO of Fresh Fitness AS, said that they will have at least ten gyms in Oslo in 2011, ie seven new ones. The cheap gym chain EVO is also planning several new gyms in Oslo.

A survey by Synovate shows that there are five percent more clients in gyms in 2009 compared with 2007, ie an increase of almost 25,000 people just in Oslo, in two years.
Hasse Hoftvedt, who started the gym chain Fitness Express four years ago, believes that there are too many new gyms opening in the capital of Norway.
- What the other cheap gym chains are doing, is madness. Now it’s a war to get customers, and there are guaranteed someone who cannot get enough members.

What is certain is that there are increasing opportunities for those who want to train, and prices are now pushed very low.

What does this mean for us?
Does any of these gyms provide kettlebells at all? And where do we prefer to train? As you can see from our images, we at Kettlebell Norway love to train at inspiring places out in the nature, but the weather and temperature does not always allow that. Therefore we ask you, where do you prefer to train? Answer the poll below.

You can read the full article at Oslopuls (Norwegian):

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