Three training mistakes you should avoid – words of wisdom from trainer Kim Lyons

In a post yesterday, presents celebrity trainer Kim Lyons’s three major mistakes she made early in her training career. Important things to consider if you want maximum results with your training, whether you exercise for your own benefit or for training others.

These advices resonates well with us, and we can also see that kettlebells are a great tool to avoid these errors.

# 1: Quantity over quality
You do not need to train for two hours at once to get results, half an hour to one hour can be enough. She recommends getting advice from a coach to waste valuable time training without focus. For those of us who train with kettlebells, it’s easy to incorporate full body exercises so that training is very time-efficient, but quality instruction in the start is recommended to make sure you use correct technique.

# 2: Focus on only one element of fitness and health
Kim points out here the importance of having the right balance between strength training, cardio and diet. Kettlebell training combines easily cardio and strength in the same session, and for the diet, we hope thay you have at least some control. If not, it’s time to seek knowledge about it.

# 3: Bad attitude
Training should be fun, do not drag your self to the gym doing something you don’t like, to hopefully reach your goal some time in the future. Choose a form of exercise that gives you joy and fun, and motivate yourself to do the training with a positive attitude. Again, kettlebells have an advantage here, because it is fun to train with kettlebells! Not everyone will like this form of training, of course, but if you are bored with using ordinary weights and exercise machines, kettlebells may just be the right thing for you. Then try it out!

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