Jan Morten Rønne – personal trainer

Jan Morten Rønne

Born: 1986
Grew up: Kristiansand
Place of residence: Oslo / Bærum, Norway

Jan Morten was first introduced to kettlebells one and a half years ago by his friend Per Helge Fjørtoft (we’ll catch him later for an interview). Only a few months later after trying his first swings, he was convinced and attended to instructor certification through NGKF.

Jan Morten has a bachelor’s degree in sports and PT-degree via the UIA, and has practiced both yoga and kickboxing in Indonesia. Today he is an independent personal trainer working full-time at Fitness Room in Sandvika, Bærum.

We meet up with Jan Morten a Saturday at Fitness Room, it is his day off from clients so he has fortunately plenty of time for us. It is a very kind and nice person we meet, and qualities that quickly shines through are knowledge and enthusiasm, but also humility and openness. We guess that a training session with Jan Morten will be very rewarding, and judging by how much he has to do at the center this should be a fact.

What was it about kettlebells you liked so much when trying them for the first time?

- I was tired of the usual heavy resistance training and ready to try something new. The exercises with kettlebells was comprehensive and provided functional strength, it was exciting to work with mastery and technique, and it was a very good feeling to use the kettlebells. In addition, I quickly noticed the effect of the training, not only strength but also stamina and mobility improved. In particular there was a need to improve my mobility. I also see that there is a great transfer value, you get better in other forms of training by using kettlebells. In addition I feel a great freedom with kettlebells, you do not need to follow the ‘kettlebell book’, but you can experiment and play with the exercises.

Jan Morten becomes enthusiastic when he speaks and must pick up a kettlebell again. He demonstrates for us an example of the transfer value, he was earlier struggling to do his deadlift properly, but after training with kettlebells he got it right. He shows us how kettlebells can make it easier to train the deadlift, since you don’t have a bar you must pass by the knees, you can get the technique right faster.
Markløft med kettlebell

As a personal trainer, what do you prefer for your clients?

- I always go for natural, functional and effective training. It could be bodyweight programs (eg Flowfit), kettlebells, clubbells, and boxing on pads.

Are there many of your clients who are familiar with kettlebells in advance?

- No, most are not. Some have seen or tried them before at Elixia, but for most they are unknown.

How do your clients respond when you first introduce them to kettlebell exercises?

- Many think it is a bit scary and weird at first, but after a couple of times they ask if we can do it more.

What kind of exercises do you teach first?

- We always start with the swing, this is the intro exercise and important technique wise. Then we can build on from there when the client becomes more familiar and confident with the kettlebells.

- I like turkish getup a lot, but it can be difficult at first. I will often let the client start by lying on a gym ball to practice the structure and the initial movement, before doing it on the floor.

Turkish get up på ball

Fitness or competition kettlebells?

Competition. Absolutely. The grip is better, they rest better in rack position, they feel better. I can walk around the gym with a kettlebell in rack for a long time, it feels so natural. They just fit me so well.

Chocolate or strawberry ice cream?

- Strawberry :-)

What do you think about the web site Kettlebell Norway?

- This is a great initiative! I’m glad someone is doing this. I have searched a lot, but it is hard to find good information. That we now have a place to present kettlebell training in Norway is awesome. We need people to find information and see that there are many enthusiasts who are doing kettlebells. I’m glad to be the first in your interview series.

We take a look around in the beautiful place Fitness Room has in Sandvika, before we thank for a very nice chat and go out to swing the kettlebell a bit in the beautiful Norwegian autumn afternoon.

For more information about Fitness Room and their offers, click here (Norwegian): www.fitnessroom.no

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