Travelling kettlebell – in the boat

How to stay warm in the boat during the cold season? Well, I did not get cold at all, rather very, very warm…
Kettlebell på båttur 2

Maybe not something we should recommend as there are many things that can go wrong here, with slippery surfaces, unexpected waves, a heavy iron thing that should preferably not crush the deck of the boat or anything else. But it was an extra challenge for the balance with the waves continuously tipping the boat.
Kettlebell på båttur 1

What is certain is that the kettlebell is a very ‘friendly’ training tool to have in the boat. It is round and nice, and fits well in the boat together with ropes, anchors and other stuff. And, if in an emergency case, I believe it works perfectly as a rope weight for anchoring too :-)

NB! To ensure that we not will be sued and lose everything we own and don’t own, we must emphasize that physical exercises with heavy tools should be performed on a stable surface, such as on land … ;)

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