Warns against bad personal trainers

Personal trainer Per Helge Fjørtoft gets great exposure with kettlebells in this article on bt.no today.
Per Helge is a kettlebell enthusiast and competitive athlete based in Kristiansand, Norway. The article does not mention kettlebells at all, but the issue raised is interesting. And we guess that the article is not negative for neither kettlebells or Per Helge’s status as a personal trainer ;-)

kettlebell personlig trener

© Kristin Ellefsen, Fædrelandsvennen

“- There are so many talented personal trainers (PT) out there, but with the great demand in recent years, we’ve also got an industry that needs to tidy up the ranks. This the users must be aware of. There is a lot of expertise, but we also know that more often some are “tricked” into paying too much and who receive bad guidance, “says Anne Mette Rustaden.”

“While the trend with a personal trainer is now starting to spread out of the center chains in major cities to an ever broader segments of the population, this increases the providers that offer both the service itself, but also education. The title of personal trainer is unprotected, it means that everybody can call themselves a personal trainer and charge, regardless of skills and education.”

Read the full article here (Norwegian):

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