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Kettlebell training in the beautiful Norwegian autumn

Kettlebell i høstløv

Kettlebell ved sjøen

Warns against bad personal trainers

Personal trainer Per Helge Fjørtoft gets great exposure with kettlebells in this article on today.
Per Helge is a kettlebell enthusiast and competitive athlete based in Kristiansand, Norway. The article does not mention kettlebells at all, but the issue raised is interesting. And we guess that the article is not negative for neither kettlebells or Per Helge’s status as a personal trainer ;-)

kettlebell personlig trener

© Kristin Ellefsen, Fædrelandsvennen

“- There are so many talented personal trainers (PT) out there, but with the great demand in recent years, we’ve also got an industry that needs to tidy up the ranks. This the users must be aware of. There is a lot of expertise, but we also know that more often some are “tricked” into paying too much and who receive bad guidance, “says Anne Mette Rustaden.”


Kettlebells for MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

Nice video about why kettlebells are very suitable and effective training tools for martial artists.

How to choose the size of your kettlebell?

Are you a beginner who want to buy your first kettlebell? Here you can find some information about kettlebell sizes.

SMAI kettlebells

Twohanded swing with Lisa Shaffer

Short and concise technique video from Lisa Shaffer from NoFearFitness. This is one of the basic techniques that you should know well, so check out the video!

Kettlebell basics with Steve Cotter

Steve Cotter is one of the big names in kettlebell training. Here he does a technical session for Underground Wellness, with a thorough focus on the basics.

The video is 10 minutes long and may feel a bit long with much talk, but check it out and get all the important details!

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What is a kettlebell?

A kettlebell is a weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle on. They come in different sizes and weights, and are usually made of cast iron. From the side it can look like a coffee pot – hence the name kettlebell.

There are theories that similar weights were used both by the ancient Greeks and the Scots in early times, but what we know today as kettlebells come from Russia, where they are called Girya. The word appeared in Russian dictionaries in the 1700s, but the meaning of it is nothing more than “heavy thing”. (more…)

Welcome to Kettlebell Norway!

Kettlebells (Girya) is an effective training tool, you who have found this site knows that. But how can we utilize kettlebells fully? It does not help with a good tool if we can’t use it!

Kettlebells og tømmerhogst

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