Ivan Denisov – Long Cycle world record

Here’s a video from 2010 where Ivan Denisov breaks his own world record in Long Cycle.

116 reps in 10 minutes, where he lifts 2 x 32 kg. That is Les mer / Read more –›

Kettlebell article in iForm!

Latest edition of the magazine iForm (‘In Shape’) came by mail yesterday (no 3/2011), and to our joyful surprise, kettlebells are presented in an article over five pages, with a program for beginners! Kettlebells are hot, no doubt about it!

Kettlebell iForm 3/2011 forside

© iForm - Bonnier Publications

The introduction reads:
‘Training with kettlebells are one of the hottest fitness trends right now, with good reason. The Russian weights, which looks like cannonballs with handles, makes it possible to train strength and endurance at the same time. Only 20 minutes of effort gives unbeatable fat burning. We show you how to get started.’

This is what the article promises about kettlebell training:
- Faster results in less time
- Higher metabolism
- Get strong faster
- Maximum effect with lighter weights

Kettlebell iForm 3/2011

© iForm - Bonnier Publications

The article presents a program with six exercises, with great pictures and text explaining each exercise. The text may be a little bit difficult to understand if you’re totally new to this, but it is also advised that if this is the first time you train with kettlebells, it is a good idea to get some guidance.
The program is designed as a sequence, passing through all of the exercises with one repetition of each exercise, and a total of 10 sequences before a pause. You then continue with as many sequence sets you can manage in 20 minutes.

We have also earlier seen a nice presentation of kettlebells in iForm, in number 18/2008. Back then it was ballet- and kettlebell-queen Michelle Khai-Cronin who was presented over six pages. But the exercises that time was shown using only a four kilos kettlebell, and the program had a slightly different focus than what we’re used to, probably because of Michelle’s dance background.

In this issue of iForm it is not recommended to start with less than 8 kilos kettlebell (for women), and the exercises are more familiar basic exercises such as swing, high pull, clean, etc. This is a relatively easy-to-do start program that we know will give results and build up basic skills. If you are a man, you can start with a 12 kilos kettlebell.
For a complete beginner we would maybe recommend doing every exercise isolated at first, to build up confidence before putting the exercises together in a sequence.

We have to say that this is awesome for spreading the interest for kettlebell training. The magazine addresses mainly female readers, but about 30% of the readers are men. iForm is published in all Nordic countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland (in Finland the magazine is called Kunto Plus). So give iForm your support and buy the magazine! Give it to someone who is interested if you don’t want to keep it yourself :-)

You can also find iForm online:
Norway: iform.nu
Denmark: iform.dk
Sweden: iform.se
Finland: kuntoplus.fi

Per Helge Fjørtoft – personal trainer and kettlebell competitor

Born: 1980
Grew up: Fjørtoft, Haram
Place of recidence: Kristiansand, Norway

Per Helge stopped by our studio a cold winter day for the interview. He was on his way home from Christmas celebration with his family, but had some time for us on his way to Kristiansand in the southern part of Norway. Per Helge is certified NGKF / AFPT by Christian Velle, IUKL / IKSA Level 2 and a CST instructor. Today he works as a Les mer / Read more –›

Soon 100 gyms in Oslo?

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten Aften had an article yesterday reporting that there are now 81 commercial gyms in Oslo (population 600.000), and the amount is expected to raise to maybe 100 this year. There is a price war on the training market, there will be more cheap gym chains, and they compete with creative offers to get their clients.

© Monica Strømdahl

© Monica Strømdahl

Paal Hansen, CEO of Fresh Fitness AS, said that they will have at least ten gyms in Oslo in 2011, ie seven new ones. The cheap gym chain EVO is also planning several new gyms in Oslo.

A survey by Synovate shows that there are five percent more clients in gyms in 2009 compared with 2007, ie an increase of almost 25,000 people just in Oslo, in two years.
Hasse Hoftvedt, who started the gym chain Fitness Express four years ago, believes that there are too many new gyms opening in the capital of Norway.
- What the other cheap gym chains are doing, is madness. Now it’s a war to get customers, and there are guaranteed someone who cannot get enough members.

What is certain is that there are increasing opportunities for those who want to train, and prices are now pushed very low.

What does this mean for us?
Does any of these gyms provide kettlebells at all? And where do we prefer to train? As you can see from our images, we at Kettlebell Norway love to train at inspiring places out in the nature, but the weather and temperature does not always allow that. Therefore we ask you, where do you prefer to train? Answer the poll below.

You can read the full article at Oslopuls (Norwegian): http://oslopuls.aftenposten.no/aktivitet_friluft/article488743.ece

Where do you prefer to train with kettlebells? (multiple choices possible)

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Happy New Year from Kettlebell Norway!

Kettlebell Norway was started out of inspiration and enthusiasm, and we have so far been well received in both Norway and abroad, and we’re counting nearly 300 fans on our Facebook fan page. We have positioned ourselves in the web-jungle, and an increasing number of people find us via relevant Google searches. This shows that the site fulfills its mission, but now we must deliver.

So what happens in 2011?
We will continue on our path to be an inspiring site for kettlebell enthusiasts. We will collect and provide information, give you beautiful and motivational pictures, present exciting personalities in Norway (and maybe from abroad?), and put Norway on the map in the kettlebell world. We also have some exciting projects underway that we can not reveal yet. So stay tuned!

We wish you all a happy New Year, with healthy and successful training!

Kettlebell Norway wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Three training mistakes you should avoid – words of wisdom from trainer Kim Lyons

In a post yesterday, BodyweightCoach.com presents celebrity trainer Kim Lyons’s three major mistakes she made early in her training career. Important things to consider if you want maximum results with your training, whether you exercise for your own benefit or for training others.

These advices resonates well with us, and we can also see that kettlebells are a great tool to avoid these errors.

# 1: Quantity over quality
You do not need to train for two hours at once to get results, half an hour to one hour can be enough. Les mer / Read more –›

Strong woman – Kettlebell Long Cycle

New video of Surya who we presented in our recent “Afraid of getting big muscles?”-article. Here she’s warming up doing 2 x 16 kilos long cycle.

Really an inspiration for all women out there! And shurely for some men too :-)

Haven’t you read “Afraid of getting big muscles?” yet, you can find the article here:

Why do kettlebells?

Video from Dragondoor presenting many good reasons why we like to train with kettlebells.

Get inspired by the nature

One of the major benefits of kettlebell training is that you can choose your training spot quite freely. Sure it may be convenient to be inside a heated room with access to showers and other conveniences, but a workout can be far more effective and rewarding if you take advantage of the inspiration you can get by working out at an exciting place.

These pictures were taken just a few weeks ago, in the southern part of Norway. It was a quite warm and mild day. The beach is right beside the road and was a spectacular sight as we drove by. We had a kettlebell and a camera in the back of the car, and although today’s training session already was done, we had to turn around, get down to the beach and push the limits a bit more.

Waves were pretty big and rolled in at the beach continuously, it was a mix of silence, power and strength that gave an extra dimension to the experience.