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Why do kettlebells?

Video from Dragondoor presenting many good reasons why we like to train with kettlebells.

Afraid of getting big muscles?

Many women avoid heavy weight training for fear of losing their female forms and end up with a bulky and nonfunctional body. Many stay with running, aerobics, spinning and light strength training, and not everyone are satisfied with the results they get. If you as a woman wants a body shaped like a bodybuilder, it requires very intense, specific, targeted and hard training. Would you prefer to be slender, shapely and strong, you should still not avoid the heavy weights.


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Muscles – a threat to the female forms?
So what do women want? Slimmer and firmer body, curvy lines, often with increased strength and endurance. But softness and flexibility are high on the list too. Can kettlebells be for women then? Isn’t it just big Russian guys who throws around with these kettlebells?

Kettlebells for MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

Nice video about why kettlebells are very suitable and effective training tools for martial artists.