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Ivan Denisov – Long Cycle world record

Here’s a video from 2010 where Ivan Denisov breaks his own world record in Long Cycle.

116 reps in 10 minutes, where he lifts 2 x 32 kg. That is (more…)

Three training mistakes you should avoid – words of wisdom from trainer Kim Lyons

In a post yesterday, presents celebrity trainer Kim Lyons’s three major mistakes she made early in her training career. Important things to consider if you want maximum results with your training, whether you exercise for your own benefit or for training others.

These advices resonates well with us, and we can also see that kettlebells are a great tool to avoid these errors.

# 1: Quantity over quality
You do not need to train for two hours at once to get results, half an hour to one hour can be enough. (more…)

Strong woman – Kettlebell Long Cycle

New video of Surya who we presented in our recent “Afraid of getting big muscles?”-article. Here she’s warming up doing 2 x 16 kilos long cycle.

Really an inspiration for all women out there! And shurely for some men too :-)

Haven’t you read “Afraid of getting big muscles?” yet, you can find the article here:

Get inspired by the nature

One of the major benefits of kettlebell training is that you can choose your training spot quite freely. Sure it may be convenient to be inside a heated room with access to showers and other conveniences, but a workout can be far more effective and rewarding if you take advantage of the inspiration you can get by working out at an exciting place.

These pictures were taken just a few weeks ago, in the southern part of Norway. It was a quite warm and mild day. The beach is right beside the road and was a spectacular sight as we drove by. We had a kettlebell and a camera in the back of the car, and although today’s training session already was done, we had to turn around, get down to the beach and push the limits a bit more.

Waves were pretty big and rolled in at the beach continuously, it was a mix of silence, power and strength that gave an extra dimension to the experience.

Travelling kettlebell – in the boat

How to stay warm in the boat during the cold season? Well, I did not get cold at all, rather very, very warm…
Kettlebell på båttur 2

Kettlebell training in the beautiful Norwegian autumn

Kettlebell i høstløv

Kettlebell ved sjøen